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Shelley A.W. Roy
A recognized leader in human resource development, Shelley Roy, has worked with thousands of adults in a wide range of learning situations. For over ten years Ms. Roy provided ongoing facilitation to over seventy improvement teams.

The International Association of Applied Control Theory (IAACT) is dedicated to disseminating and
applying the ideas of perceptual control theory by helping train others in the theory's fundamentals and concepts. We offer a certification program in perceptual control theory.

The Control System Group (CSG) is a membership organization dedicated to the application of William T. Powers' Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) to understanding the purposeful behavior of living organisms.

Books and Workshops for leaders, teachers, therapists, academics, school administrators, parents, and everybody.

Restitution Social Development facilitates the bringing together of various educational partners in order to enhance current educational practices in schools, post secondary institutions, community programs and correctional facilities. 
Restitution Social Development uses PCT as their foundation. 

Timber Ridge's mission is to provide an opportunity for our residents and staff to become individuals of integrity. This includes a positive value system, a work ethic, and a sense of responsibility to self, family, and others.

Timber Ridge  uses PCT as their foundation. 

Lanakila specializes in boys: their interests, energy and the challenges that help them excel. Itís a natural place for a boy to shed the distractions of wired 21st-century life, and live simply, discovering the best he can be.
Lanakila uses PCT as their foundation. 

Diet No More is an established non-diet approach to eating and weight management. If you are sick of the diet yo-yo and the diet police our course offers you hope, freedom and control.
Diet No More uses PCT as their foundation.